Anju Makhaija

Anju Makhija has an M.A. in Communications from Concordia Universtiy, Motnreal, Canada. She has worked in the fields of education,t raining and television. Her plays include, If Wishes Were Horses, The Last Train (shortlisted for the BBC World Playwriting Award), Encounter with Lord Yama, Now She Says She's God, All That Glitters and Total Slammer Masala with European Director Michael Laub. Her other works include All Together, a multi-media production that won an award at The National Film Festival, California ('85) and a book of poems, View from the Web. She has also co-edited an anthology of partition potery entitled, Freedom and Fissures andt ranslated the verse of the 16th century sufi mystic, Shah Abdul Latif, 'Seeking the Beloved'. She is the recipient of the commendation prize ('93) and first prize ('94) in The All India Potery Competition organized by the British Council and The Potery Socitey of India. She also won the second prize in The BBC World Potery Competition ('02). Makhija has co-edited a 3-volume series of plays by Indo-English playwrights. She is actively involved in the literary and cultural milieu and is currently on the English Advisory Board of Sahtiya Akademi, New Delhi. She lives and works in Mumbai.

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