Book The Second Oxford India Illustrated
Book The Second Oxford India Illustrated

The Second Oxford India Illustrated


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Author: Jim Corbet Category: Language:   English
ISBN 13: Edition: 5 Publisher: Oxford University Press
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About the Book

‘In The Second Oxford India Illustrated Corbett, Jim Corbett’s conusimmate storytelling skills are on display. The illustrations in the volume, each tell a story of their own.’
– The New Sunday Express

‘Nine Stories that recommend themselves with unmistakable penmanship and sensibility of Jim Corbett… perceptive pencil sketches illustrate the important, little details of Corbett’s stories… A must-have’
– Parenting

‘The magic lies in the very technique of narration… (Corbett) takes the reader into the very heart of his stories. The illustrations… ripple with life.’
– The Hindu

‘Corbett takes us deep into the mystries of the jungles and the animals who live there. The book comes alive with superb illustrations. We love it.’
– DNA Sunday

‘The book, besides providing exciting reading, will make a good gift, both for lovers of wildlife as well as admirers of Jim Corbett, the man or the writer.’
– Deccan Herald.

The Author
Jim Corbet


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